• Miliax


    Hi! My name is Emilia and im 21 years old, living in Stockholm, Sweden with my boyfriend and our son. Im streaming alot of games like CS:GO, rocket leauge, h1z1, world of warcraft, overwatch and golf with friends. I started streaming July 2015 and still going. I have viewergames often and sometimes giveaways. Come in and say hello when im live!                                                     twitch:          steamprofile:           steamgroup:                                           youtube:                     instagram:                 facebook:         twitter:                      Regards, Miliax <3...Read More

  • anniwooho


    Hey! My name is Anni, Im 20 years old and love gaming! Games have always been my biggest hobby, and what I usually do on my spare time. So I have started a Twitch channel and a Youtube channel! You can find me here:                                                                         Twitch:                                                                   Youtube:                                                                       Twitter:                                                                                                                                                                       Hope to see you soon! C:...Read More

  • majkmannen

    Mattias Johansson

    ...Read More