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Hi! My name is Emilia and im 21 years old, living in Stockholm, Sweden with my boyfriend and our son. Im streaming alot of games like CS:GO, rocket leauge, h1z1, world of warcraft, overwatch and golf with friends. I started streaming July 2015 and still going. I have viewergames often and sometimes giveaways. Come in and say hello when im live!                                                     twitch: http://bit.ly/2dVLt5F          steamprofile: http://bit.ly/1XOcARx           steamgroup: http://bit.ly/2efjUr7                                           youtube: http://bit.ly/29JB8dj                     instagram: http://bit.ly/1WdA3fj                 facebook: http://bit.ly/2e8Su2H         twitter: http://bit.ly/1TrUGE9                      Regards, Miliax <3

Friends of Miliax

My Hardware

  • Case Corsair Carbide 100R black
  • CPU Intel Core i5 4690K 3.5 GHz 6MB
  • Motherboard Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3
  • GFX ASUS Radeon R9 380 4GB DC2 STRIX OC
  • RAM ADATA 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 CL9 1600MHz XPG RED
  • Storage Samsung 850-Series EVO 250GB and Toshiba 1TB 7200rpm 32MB
  • Monitor Monitor 1: Acer 24" Predator GN246HL Monitor 2: BenQ 24" GL2450
  • Mouse Steelseries rival 300
  • Mousepad SteelSeries QcK+
  • Keyboard Steelseries Apex 350
  • Headset Logitech g933
  • Mobile Phone Samsung s6